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Royal Armenia awarded sixth consecutive National Trust prize
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Royal Armenia awarded sixth consecutive National Trust prize

The prize was handed to Royal Armenia's Vice Director Ruben Akopian Alujas by Astxik Khachatryan, the president of "National Trust" committee and by Aharon Adibekyan, the director of "Sociometr" research center. "It is already 6 years that Royal Armenia JV LLC holds market leader's position. According to our surveys, the company is the most recognized in the market and the consumers accepts that production is equivalent to the price. We can surely mention, that Royal Armenia is the good reference and example as a exporting Armenian company "- said Aharon Adibekyan.
According to Misak Krkyashryan, the Head of Advertising Department of Royal Armenia, last months were very busy for the Company as Royal Armenia lunched the production of 100 % Natural Instant Freeze-Dried coffee by presenting "RA" Gold and "RA" Premium instant coffees. Royal Armenia will present Hot Chocolate Instant Drink in November.

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