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Royal Armenia Awarded Fourth Consecutive National Trust Prize
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Royal Armenia Awarded Fourth Consecutive National Trust Prize


“Best Price for Best Quality,” “Best Coffee of the Year,” “Absolute Market Leader,” “International Quality Standards" - these are the major prizes that the "National Trust" committee has awarded to the Armenian-Cuban joint venture Royal Armenia in the four past years.

In 2014, Royal Armenia has been again recognized as “Absolute Market Leader,” according to surveys conducted by the research center "Sociometer" (on behalf of the "National Trust" committee).

The center's director, Aharon Adibekyan, handed the prize for 2014 to Royal Armenia's CEO David Akopian Alujas. "We estimate the ratings according to the following criteria: brand recognition, price and quality correlation, and the percentage of consumers using the products and services of the concrete company. In the mentioned criteria Royal Armenia is the absolute leader among 23 coffee manufacturing companies in Armenia. The company is the most recognized, it has high level of evaluation, and 90% of the consumers accept that the price for Royal Armenia's production is equivalent to its quality."

According to Royal Armenia's Head of Advertising Department, Mr. Minas Hambardzumyan, the company highly appreciates the high level of trust among the consumers, mentioning that, "Leadership is a favorable, but at the same time very responsible status, which means that the company will continue providing high quality and timely delivery of coffee production." He has also mentioned that Royal Armenia plans to increase the production volumes for 3 in 1 coffee beverages, taking into account the increasing consumption tendency of this particular product.